6 Signs Your Water is Too Hard

Sinks riddled with stains? Is skin dry and itchy? It might be your water causing it. Hard water is caused by excess ions of calcium and magnesium, water softeners take these out and put in sodium and potassium ions. By doing this you can prevent limescale build-up. Here are the signs you might need a water softener. Limescale is a chalky hard substance made by magnesium bicarbonate and calcium. Using ion exchange technology, we can reduce this build-up.

  1. Limescale build-up on water appliances.

Limescale on things like kettles and taps could mean you have hard water; this also builds up in the pipes. The plumbing clogs up so your home plumbing becomes less effective at letting the water through. 

  1. Dry air and skin

Extra calcium and magnesium salts floating around in water from hard water can cause itchy skin and dry itchy hair. Hard water also leads to the poor condition of the skin as it blocks pores causing inflammation and spots. 

  1. Clothes and bedding look unclean

Bedsheets coming out the wash looking unclean and faded could mean you have hard water. They may also have a scratchy feel to them due to the extra minerals building up. 

  1. Stained sinks and bathtubs

Left on sinks and bathtubs are from when water evaporates but leaves behind the calcium and magnesium build-up. There are a few ways to remove these deposits but a water softener with potassium chloride in will be the best option as it will permanently remove stains and keep them gone. 

  1. Plumbing constantly breaking down

Steel pipes are the worse for hard water as the limescale build-up easily damages them meaning water just won’t flow as well. This affects your machines like the dishwater as the limescale starts to stop the valves from closing properly. This can mean you get water leakage. All this means time and money fixing the plumbing so it’s better to prevent this than fix it. 

  1. Water bill too high

Pipes work harder with a limescale build-up, so you use more water to get a decent stream of water. A water softener can prevent build-up and keep bills low. 

By spotting these signs you could save yourself a lot of time and money by combatting the effects of hard water. 

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6 Signs Your Water is Too Hard

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