Water Softener Cost Houston

The softening of water involves a complex system to remove calcium and magnesium and other particles in water. This means water works better with soap and can extend the life of your water-based appliances and plumbing. 

How are prices determined? 

A few factors help decide the cost when installing a softener. These include the type of system you chose. A single tap purifier won’t set you back much but a whole house system is a lot. 

A DIY installation can cost as little as $400 while a professional can cost up to $4000. So, ask can I do it myself? Accessibility when installing and where is it being installed are also factors. 

The type of system available and maintenance it requires also has a cost impact not just in installation but also in upkeep. Common options for softeners include- distillers, reverse osmosis, and whole-house systems. 

Distillers are steam-based and work by only cleaning a few gallons of water per hour. Since they are small scale these are best for single-use systems, but they are also affordable.

Reverse osmosis this method uses two liquids to purify but it is a slow process. It is effective but has the drawback of needing constant maintenance.

The third option of a whole house system attached to the main inlet and has a cartridge that filters water so it can clean and purify. It is the most expensive, but it is simple to install and maintain. 

System or unit size 

The size of the water softener unit or system will determine how much it costs. The more occupants and larger homes, the larger the unit or system needed are. 

The sodium-based units cost around $5 for a 40-pound bag, while potassium cost $27 per 40-pound bag, this means if you need a salt free version then you’re going to have to pay. 

Water supply issues

If the incoming water supply is quite hard then a more effective softening process is needed, and this will make it cost more. 

A basic cost of a water softener is usually around the $1000 to $2000 mark easily offset with an average lifespan of 15 years, and fewer costs in plumbing repairs. 

Ongoing costs for labor are incurred when installing or removing a previous system as well as upkeep. So, these costs can add up anywhere between $250 and $400.

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