Do Water Softeners Increase Home Value?

When living in areas with hard water, where mineral deposits can affect your water quality, it might be that the best water softeners are needed to combat it. 

Quite common hard water is relatively safe to drink and won’t cause long term damage to you and your family, apart from stiff clothes, lifeless hair and itchy skin if left untreated, it can also cause damage to your home that could drop its value dramatically.  

Hard water may cause issues when looking to resell the house but adding a water softener might be able to stop these, save yourself money and add value. 

By having a softener in a hard water area, you can stop long term effects such as plumbing clogging and reducing the life of washing machines and dishwasher appliances as well as stop chalky residue from around your taps. 

So, by using a water softener you take away issues that could affect the long-term value and health of your house and family. 

Why is there a growth in water softeners?

By investing money into water softeners people residing in areas of hard water are not wasting their money. Working with hard water in your home can become a chore and does mean your body could become affected, but by putting in water softeners you stop a lot of problems that could prove costly to you. 

So, by changing your water from hard to soft you not only increase your resale price but also make yourself feel better with less soap scum to build up and shinier hair plus save money on repairs to plumbing and replacing appliances before their time.  

But that softener is going to cost you, to begin with, and further maintenance is needed as well but long term by having a water softener this could mean a potential buyer would not have to fit one and knows your plumbing has been protected from harmful effects that hard water brings meaning your home might just have the edge over another in the neighbourhood. 


By having a water softener installed and maintained you could add value to your house. However, all this depends on the upkeep and maintenance you do, and we would suggest if you’re not quite sure of what needs doing that you look online and find a professional to help you out. Contact us for a free quote on water softener installation in Houston.

Do Water Softeners Increase Home Value?

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