Water Softener Filter Replacement Houston

A great job is done by water softeners by removing minerals like calcium and magnesium from our drinking water. However just like other appliances water softeners only last so long so your device may eventually stop working. Usually, this is between 10 and 15 years, although this does depend on use and the original quality of your household’s water, so you might want to think about a replacement if yours is over 10 years 

What to do if your water softener stops working properly? 

Several signs are needing replacing or that the salt in the brine tank is too low. All this can mean valves get jammed or the softener needs cleaning. Sometimes only an expert can tell you this for sure. 

But here are 4 signs which could mean you need a service or repair. 

  1. Soap not working properly.

Not creating bubbles is a sign of your softener not working right. So, if you have trouble soaping up in the shower than you might need to look at your water softener. 

  1. Clothes not washing properly. 

Scratchy clothes are a sure sign your water is becoming hard again. The best way to ensure soft clothes is to ensure your water softener is effectively removing the minerals from your water. 

  1. Chalky build-ups around outlets. 

Minerals in hard water cause chalky build-ups. Pay attention to these when cleaning taps, chalky build-ups are noticeable and signs your softener needs to be looked at. 

  1. Water tastes wrong.

Water is a smooth taste that the build-up of minerals affects so pay attention if your water starts to taste different. 

Replacing an old water softener, when is it right? 

If your softener hasn’t been working properly this could mean you’ve seen some of the issues mentioned above. By getting in a new softener you could have a cleaner house, softer clothes, and better hair and skin as well as making your appliances last longer.

A new water softener also means you can get updated technology and again this could mean a more efficient softener than your old one. This means you get updated features such as water-efficient technology that could help you save salt and conserve water over time.

Contact us for water softener installation in Houston. We also offer repair services and maintenance.

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