Benefits of a Water Softener

When water contains a high level of calcium and magnesium minerals it is said to be hard water. A water softener is made to remove the minerals that cause hard water. Several issues arise from having hard water but we don’t always notice them. Hard water often blocks pipes, stops soaps from dissolving leaving behind water spots. All this creates a limescale build-up inside the pipes and appliances reducing their efficiency. 

Soap becomes less effective in hard water as well due to the chemical reactions with the calcium and magnesium and the acid in soap. This causes soap scum that builds up and leaves skin feeling itchy and dry, hair washed in hard water is dull and sticky. Washing of clothes suffers too, with the becoming lifeless and grey.

Protecting your home from hard water is important as it prolongs your pipes and home appliances’ lifespan by preventing limescale build-up and clogging. But all is not lost as hard water can be treated with a water softener. Water softeners exchange ions that are positively charged meaning they transform calcium ions to calcium crystals that cannot attach to anything and are rinsed away. No ions sticking means no limescale build-up. 

Softened water has many benefits like shinier silver and glassware, smooth hair and skin, less soap and shampoo being used, whiter whites and longer-lasting appliances. 

Are salt-free softeners better than traditional ones?

In the realm of softeners, there are 2 types of salt-based and salt-free. Salt-based will make a slicker feeling in the shower and brighten those colors in clothes and reduce limescale build-up and softer skin. 

The only difference with salt-free systems is that softens water but doesn’t add sodium to the water. They are a more environmentally friendly system. Traditional salt systems can affect those with high blood pressure and heart disease. Some places are starting to outlaw salt-based softeners because of the high sodium in the wastewater. Salt-free systems don’t use wastewater and unlike salt-based use little electric and require little maintenance. 

Salt-based systems are best for heavy-duty systems such as businesses whereas salt-free systems provide safe water for families saving them money and hassle and providing water free from chemicals, sodium, and other contaminants whilst presenting limescale build-up which could help save money and improve quality of life for all.

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